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Andy King From The Fyre Fest Doc Is In A Commercial With Ryan Reynolds [VIDEO] - The Daily Rage

After the documentary about the Fyre Festival on Netflix, Andy King became a household name and a household meme. If you’re drawing a blank, I don’t know how that’s possible but let me jog your memory.


The man who will truly do anything for a cause, even if it means blowing someone for Evian water. Ryan Reynolds is hot and brilliant for recruiting Andy for his new Aviation Gin commercial. Ryan is a partial owner of the Gin company and obviously the best face for the commercials besides the face we see at the very end. Get ready… die.

Yea, how far would you go? Brilliant right?

“The video raises a glass to those who, much like Fyre Festival’s Andy King, are willing to go that far for the brands and people they love,” a rep for Aviation Gin said in a statement.

It gets better, the bottle seen in this commercial is limited edition and all proceeds from the launch will go to the Exuma Foundation and those harmed by the Fyre festival.