Vinny has always been my favorite member “Jersey Shore” and Magic Mike is my favorite show in Vegas. It’s actually the only show I have ever seen in Vegas and I would highly recommend. I’m sure I’ve posted about it before, all my friends thought they were going to feel awkward and uncomfortable and at the end of it, we were all shocked at how badly we wanted to go back. Like we entered a contest to win free tickets to another show.

Now two of my favorite things, Vinny and Magic Mike…are going head to head. HA. Vinny is looking like a snack these days, KETO GUIDO, and I had heard some rumblings that he was doing a couple Chippendales shows in Las Vegas. Then, I saw this picture on Instagram….

Whenever I post a picture, I can see insights on Instagram and one of those stats shows me how many times people send my picture. I WONDER HOW MANY TIMES THIS SHIT GOT SENT AROUND. I know for a fact I sent it to my best friend. I knew he was working out but damn. It gets better, according to TMZ, ticket sales were so high, the hype was so big, that they are bringing him back for 6 more weeks. I never hear much about Chippendales besides it being the most common reference for a male review so when I read the headline and saw the Vinny would be back for more, it made me wonder what kind of moves he has, I mean I’ve seen him dance on that “Double Shot At Love” show he’s on with Pauly on MTV and it wasn’t that impressive. His ass must have been pretending to not have sex appeal because look at this shit…

I MEAN COME ON. No wonder they asked him to come back for 6 weeks, I’m trying to fly to Vegas for a night JUST to see this show. I can’t wait to see who won the dating show he’s currently on and how she feels about this. If it’s Maria, I’m sure she’s about this life. I mean I know I would be. That’s it, I’m going to talk to Brett about a future stripping career. For him, not me.