I’m not exactly craving super meaty tacos first thing in the morning but I won’t knock this until I try it and I WILL try it. CoffeeAM is a gourmet coffee company who created this unusual combination of wake up juice and drunk food.

It almost sounds like a joke but I assure you it’s not. Out of the 16 reviews on the product, most of them are positive and it has a 4.1 out of 5 stars. Here are a couple of the reviews.

“Spicy Taco-flavored coffee is a unique and surprisingly pleasant mix of taco spices and hearty meaty flavor. It might not be one of your traditional flavored coffees, but once you get a taste you’ll wonder why other roasters haven’t tried this exceptionally delightful brew!”

“Wow and I mean WOW! I opened the coffee not expecting much! And then BAM!!!!! The aroma hits you and it actually smelled like tacos! I thought, well yeah it smells good! Just like other coffees smell good, but will it taste good. It was a good flavor, not too in your face. 10 out of 10.”

There are half pound, one pound and five pound bag options. I think I’ll start with the half pound and report back.