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Peter The Pilot Broke Up With His Girlfriend To Be On 'The Bachelorette' [PICS] - The Daily Rage

I loved Peter the first few episodes of this season of “The Bachelorette”. What’s not to like? He’s a pilot, he seems sweet, caring and clearly charming. I can’t exactly pinpoint the moment that things changed for me but Brett and I were watching one night and we just decided we didn’t like him anymore. It could have been the moment he called his car “baby” or the moment Hannah found a condom in his center console…who knows. I just know I developed a very specific description of his type. I said,

 “He looks like the type to send unsolicited YOU KNOW WHAT pics, from a bed with a flowery fitted sheet that’s coming undone on one of the corners exposing a yellow mattress from the mid 90’s.”

Now I can’t get it out of my head, he just seems skeezy to me. When I tweeted my sudden dislike for him, people on Twitter were fighting me on it, but now, the truth is out and I was right. SKUM.

Peter Weber aka Peter the Pilot, had a girlfriend just before the show. If this story sounds familiar it’s because this is the second guy on this season to have had a girlfriend who he broke up with before the show. Jed who people hatttttttteeee on social media can take a quick break from the spot light and give some of that heat to Peter.

Calee Lutes was Peter’s girlfriend and before we dive into the story, lets take a look at his MODEL ex girlfriend. Yea, model.

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You can creep on her page if you want to see more, this is enough to get the point across that she is a knock out. According to E! News, the pair met on a dating app (shocker). Peter was in town for the weekend because he’s a pilot (duh), the two met up and started long distance dating immediately. I guess they lived pretty far apart but because of his job, they were able to see each other once a week if not every other weekend. They even went to Switzerland together in November. Then, two days before Christmas, Peter called her via FaceTime and broke up with her. She said she was totally blindsided and thought something was up so did what any girl would do, start creeping his Instagram page. She noticed that a producer from the Bach started following him but didn’t really think much of it. Soon after that, Peter started deleting all the pics he had of her off of his page. They had reconnected and made plans to hangout a couple weeks before he left to start filming but I guess that never happened. Calee said when she found out about the show, she texted him and said he owed her an explanation but never heard anything back. Ultimate betrayal and I called it.

I actually think that sometimes when one of the top 20 contestants has a GF and it comes out like it did a few seasons back, it makes for good TV and the producers actually like it. In the case of Jed and Peter, I think it’s been a total disaster because not only are them some of the final guys, but it’s almost spoiled the ending for viewers because of all the spoilers that have come out surrounding all the cheating allegations. The producers need to do a better job of investigating these guys before they accept them on to the show. I read something recently that said they put all contestants through a thorough STD test and background check and that’s why most people don’t make it on, because of herpes (yes, real life). They need to hire someone to stalk these men on social media before they even reach out to them about the show- I will fully accept that position. These men know if they get on the Bach and they make it far, stardom for life. They are going to get to go to concerts for free, present at award shows, get countless professional pics taken, endorsements coming out of their ears, podcast launches, website launches….I mean it’s never ending. Women aren’t scared of losing their men to other women, they are scared of losing their damn men to the Bachelor franchise. END RANT. Peter, I hope your parents say a German prayer for you tonight at the dinner table, you gon need it.