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Pete Davidson Lost It On College Crowd Over Phone Usage [VIDEO] - The Daily Rage

Pete Davison, the story of a guy who used to be funny until he got too famous. I guess I can’t really judge him because I don’t know what it’s like to be a comedian up on stage telling jokes and have people filming you instead of paying attention. I know here, at Punchline Sac, they tell you right when you walk in that phone usage isn’t allowed and if they see you on your phone, they will come up to you and threaten to kick you out. This is obviously a much larger crowd at University of Central Florida and I’m sure he was irritated but this…is uncomfortable.

I think what makes it even worse is that everyone is clapping when these aren’t jokes, he’s being dead serious. I felt uncomfortable simply watching that and I’m sure the people there felt that times 10. Actually, here’s proof they did…