I feel like I talk about food WAY more than I talk about entertainment news, but I also feel like there is more food news being released daily than anything else. Cheez It’s are my FAV snack, thank god I don’t have a job where I can leave frequently anymore because I would get hungry, drive to the store and get a box and it would be a wrap.

Pizza Hut announced a new menu item and whoever thought it up, should win an award. Its basically a little hot pocket square but the outer crust is Cheez It crust. Here is what the box looks like…

Inside you will find little squares of Cheez It stuffed pizza bites either filled with cheese or cheese and pepperoni. There is actual Cheez It dust on the outside and the people who got to try it at Delish, said it tastes just like them. It also comes with a side of marinara but they also said its better without. This is on sale right now for $6.49 but starting September 24th, Pizza Hut will be adding it to their $5 N Up lineup so paired with two or more items from the menu, it will only cost you $6.

I feel like this is a MUST TRY.