I am brining back the good ol rage report via my website where I share some of my FAVORITE products, tv shows, or just whatever the f*ck I want. OK, aggressive but let’s dive right in.

As you know, or maybe you don’t, Brett and I bought a home together and we moved in two weeks ago! The day after we moved in, I went HAMMMMM at Target.  I’ve always wanted to go totally and completely overboard there like people talk about and have a shopping cart full of decor instead of tide pods and dry shampoo. My dreams came true, I had two shopping carts over flowing and a receipt that almost touched the ground. I bought sheets that I later realized had cats on them (I know that sounds ugly but trust me, it’s cute), I got a dish to set my spoon on when Brett is cooking (because I don’t cook) and I got THE BEST DISH SOAP EVER.

Feast your eyes on this…

When I tell you this smells like heaven, I’m not lying. This is the best smelling soap I have ever used in my life and it’s DISH SOAP. Wait, I wonder if they have it in a hand soap too. I’m not kidding, I would bathe in this stuff if I could, wait, can I? Just checked, they def do have a hand soap and I just bought some. As I was just on the target site, I saw that there is another scent too, I will have to check it out and report back but as far as this scent goes, 12/10 highly recommend.


Next up on my current obsession list LIRA.

Before I get into that, I want to take you on a quick skin care journey. I used to use Lira a long time ago and my skin was in the best condition ever but then came BoxyCharm. Boxy started sending skin care items and at first I LOVED IT, there are a few things I’ve even posted about but I think I got carried away. They kept sending expensive items and I would use them on my face but I wasn’t being consistent with what I was using so when my face started to break out, I couldn’t quite pinpoint what was causing it. There were too many hands in the pot if you will. Then my friend Caitlin sent me this article and a few videos of people claiming that BoxyCharm is low key scamming people. The claims were that some of the products can’t possibly be reproduced at such a high volume but then sold to the consumer at such a low price point. The article suggested that Boxy pays for the packaging from the company and then makes a copy of the product at their factory in China. That’s why some of the items received say “Made exclusively for BoxyCharm”. It’s not some special collab and it’s actually not the high end product I thought I was using which is BLAH. I hate even thinking about that and honestly I’ve been thinking about canceling my membership ever since, I don’t want to guess which products are the real deal and which ones aren’t. So yea my skin was a mess so I went back to my ROOTS which was the Lira brand. I use the following items….

These two products have SAVED MY LIFE and my skin. They are super light and they work so well, they last a long time too, especially the cleanser and to be honest, the price point isn’t bad for the quality of product you’re getting.


Let’s talk about CHEESE! At the beginning of January Brett and I started doing whole 30. If you don’t know what that is, it’s a way to get your gut in check by eliminating foods groups and then reintroducing them to try and figure out what foods make you feel like shit and then avoid them. It’s 30 days of no alcohol, sugar, dairy, grains, legumes and lemme tell you, I loved it. We both felt great, we had more energy, we were way more productive and we lost weight. We got the whole30 cookbook which was super helpful but we also were always on the look out for compliant foods when we went grocery shopping. We found this plant based mozzarella at Costco one day and it’s so so so so so good. Now if I were someone who wasn’t cutting out dairy and reading this I would be rolling my eyes, why eat fake cheese when you can eat real cheese. That’s the thing, this cheese tastes better than the real deal even when we are off round (which means not following the whole30 rules super strict but implementing them as best as we can). I would pick this cheese any day over any other shredded cheese. Unfortunately  in true Costco form, the cheese is now gone and we are both freaking out because we need it especially since we are on round again and want that cheese alternative. So I looked it up today, the brand is “Good Planet Foods” and I discovered that there are other shredded cheese options and also sliced cheese. For the record, I’ve only had the shredded mozzarella and can only vouch for that!

It says I can also find the brand at Whole Foods and Safeway so I’m going to try that out and I’ll keep you posted. I guess I could also try going to a different Costco but you know how it is, you get used to the one you go to, you know where everything is and it’s just a pain to go to another one but if it comes to that, I will! If anyone wants to check out their site and see what other plant based cheeses they offer, click HERE.