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THIS IS CRAZY and so exciting! I didn’t watch Juan Pablo’s season of “The Bachelor” so I am not too familiar with Clare as far as the Bach franchise goes, but I do know that she’s older (which I love) and she lives in Sacramento (WHICH I LOVEEEEEEE) and she’s our new Bachelorette.

I follow Reality Steven on Twitter because I love a good spoiler and he broke this rumor last week. Going back to the spoiler thing, it’s crazy, even when I know whats going to happen, I still almost believe that things might turn out differently. They never do but the point is, spoiling it isn’t so terrible and the suspense is still there for me. When Reality Steve posted the Clare Crawley rumor, he wasn’t even sure if it was true.

Then from there the tweets and information progressed.

Then came the confirmation.

SCREAMS!!! I was so excited more so just to have sac on the map. That means production will def be in sac, there might be dates in sac and I’m just excited for an older Bachelorette. We have had older Bachelors, it was time for a female lead that was in her 30’s and for the record, Clare is 38. Now let’s hope the producers don’t cast a bunch of babies to date her and let’s also hope that if they do, she doesn’t act like Jessica from “Love Is Blind”.

Here is the announcement on “Good Morning America” this morning!

What makes me most excited about this season is how excited she is, you can tell she wasn’t expecting this at all, I mean it’s 6 years later. Imagine getting that phone call 6 years after appearing on the show. She is gorgeous, ready to find love and I cannot wait to live tweet her season MORE THAN I EVER HAVE IN MY LIFE. I have heard that they already had guys picked for the upcoming season but are making some changes due to Clare’s age and I just can’t wait for ABC to release the contestant page.