THIS IS AMAZING. I also didn’t know this contest existed and next year I am definitely entering Chuck but this year, Lieutenant Dan deserves to win.
Every year, Cadbury gives pets (wearing bunny ears) the opportunity to be a brand ambassador and win a sweet $5,000 grand prize. Voting is still open and currently in 2nd place is a 2 legged dog named Lieutenant Dan. His back legs and tail were deformed and had to be amputated, hence the name. Let me please just show you a picture of this little nugget….

It gets better, you can vote for him and see a picture of him running towards the camera with those bunny ears on, HERE. He has my vote, I don’t even care if that means I had to sign up for emails from Cadbury, I WILL ENDURE IT TO MAKE SURE HE WINS. His owner Laura told CNN that if he wins, he’s going to throw a “huge dog party”!