If you need a prop for your St Patrick’s Day outfit, look no further. There’s an Etsy shop who is now selling green glittery fireball gummy bears. This isn’t their first time selling boozy gummies, they also sell champagne and rose gummy bears which sounds way more appealing (to me) than a Fireball gummy bears. Hi, black out city.

They come in different size options too, so you can get a few, or go NUTS. There’s a four-ounce pack for $11.16, an eight-ounce pack for $17.16, and a 16-ounce pack for $31.16. That translates to about 27 gummy bears for the four-ounce pack, 54 gummy bears for the eight ounce, and 118 bears the 16 ounce.

You can get to the Etsy shop HERE.