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First quarantine weekend we made pasta and nachos, this quarantine weekend we had pasta and pizza. I’m not exactly living life on the edge when it comes to snacking but I don’t want to eat all my quarantine snacks right away and also ….I didn’t stock up on the best ones because I was worried I would eat them all. Things I’ve been wanting to try are the pretzel pop tarts, some of the crazy Oreo flavors that are out, Icee tubes, the chocolate marshmallows, the Kraft Mac and cheese sprinkle stuff. What happens is, I go to the store with intentions of stocking up on all the things I want to try and then I see them and freeze because I don’t want to end up on “My 600lb Life”.

The Coronavirus: NOTHING and I mean NOTHING is crazier than this pandemic.


I mean what the actual F*&% are these? For now, these are only available in Australia but nobody likes Mountain Dew than Americans so I’m sure it’ll be here in no time. Okay I’m not down for these, AT ALL, but what I am down for, is this…..

There is nothing I love more in life (food wise) than a croissant. I will eat a croissant with literally anything and the fact that it’s being offered as a pizza crust. Stop. I don’t know when this will be available but I put a pic on my instagram and have gotten a lot of action on it, so I’ll keep you posted as to when and where I find it. When I do find it, there will be no holding back.