I didn’t mean to make it a thing, but recently whenever I try a new drink, I post about it. People seem to really like it and over the weekend I posted these two pics that got my DM’s a LOT of action.

I gave the Raspberry Lemongrass a 9/10 and the Mango Mule a 10/10. I found them both at Target randomly at the end of aisle and they were each in a 4 pack, no other flavor. I just got on Delish to do my normal scan for new foods and drink I might want to try on the weekend and the first thing that popped up was an article about Absolut’s new line of seltzer and guys, THERE’S MORE!

For the soda flavors, Absolut offers raspberry and lemongrass, lime and cucumber, and grapefruit and rosemary. As for the cocktails, Absolut released a grapefruit paloma, a mango mule, and a berry vodkarita. I am VERY curious about the grapefruit rosemary and the Paloma, the question is, where do I find these? Total Wine has been an Absolut (get it?) shit show every time I go in there and I didn’t see any more flavors at Target. I told Brett our mission and goal for the week is to find them all and get the fridge full before Memorial Day Weekend. Happy hunting, folks!