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Born and raised in Sacramento my love for pop culture, news and entertainment began with radio. I would call stations and request songs (back when that was still a thing) and then I would record myself onto a tape when they played me back. I thought that would one day be my application. Little did I know cassette tapes would be obsolete by the time I was ready to apply for jobs. I’m getting ahead of myself. I have always loved music. I learned how to kiss with my Lance Bass poster because obviously the one who doesn’t like women would be my favorite member of NSYNC. I also went through a very huge B2K phase (B2KsGrl143 was my SN) and in my later years a massive Bob Saget phase. Don’t ask me how I got from Lance Bass to B2K to Bob Saget because I have no idea. I also like Kid Rock and Nickleback, don’t @ me. I developed a major love for animals after adopting my 3 legged black cat from Front Street Animal Shelter and now I do a weekly segment there called “Megan’s S.P.I.N. Of The Week”. That stands for “Special Pet In Need” and I mainly feature a special needs animal looking for it’s forever home. The “Rage” on my name isn’t because I’m angry, it’s because I used to go out a lot…..okay I still go out a lot. The name really stuck after this guy I had declined for multiple dates said to me, “Well if you weren’t out pound sign raging all the time maybe I’d have a chance!!” First of all, it’s a hashtag and secondly, no but thanks for my new name. I’m married now to a guy who knows what a hashtag is who moved here from England after we met and fell in love in Vegas. #Rage 


I’ve worked in the radio industry since 2005. Starting right out of high school as an intern at 105.1 KNCI and then eventually on the air during the weekends. After KNCI, I was on NOW 100.5 as a part time jock before moving to full time position on the morning show with Wayne and Jay on 102.5 KSFM. What’s crazy about that is when I was in high school, I did a project on my future career as a radio personality. I spent 5 days on the morning show with Davey D on 102.5 and FF 12 years later, I’m on the morning show on that same station. Wayne Jay and Megan in the morning was on the air until 2016 and I remained on 102.5 doing middays until I made the transition back to NOW 100.5 in 2017. Radio is crazy, always changing as you can see. I took a break for a year, worked for the state of CA, hated it…with a passion. Then made my move back to radio in 2019 doing afternoons for Fuego 103.5 in Sacramento (98.9 in Stockton/Modesto). Due to the Coronavirus pandemic (crazyyyyy) I was furloughed and with all the time on my hands, decided to start a podcast. “What The Chuck With Megan Rage” can be found on Apple, Spotify, Google Podcasts, TuneIn or just by scrolling down a teeeeeeeny bit. If you like it, leave us a review, follow us on Instagram @WhatTheChuckPodcast & tell your friends. 


As most of you know….I have a cat. If you’ve managed to miss that detail out of my life, I must never pop up in your feed. I adopted Chuck from Front Street Animal Shelter on September 27th, 2014 and my life was forever changed.

It always shocks me how many people don’t realize that he only has 3 legs, the minor detail that won me over when I saw him limping around the floors of the Cattery at Front Street. Chuck has been the constant in my life since that day, he’s seen me through hard times and some of the best days of my life. It’s so crazy how much one animal can change your life- I’ve always had cats growing up but never shared a bond like the one I have with him.

Chuck has inspired so much in my life and this year, he’s been chosen as a 2020 #HolidayWishes winner by @PetcoFoundation! Together, we can help Front Street Animal Shelter earn up to $25K, but I need your vote! Visit petcofoundation.org/chuck to read our story and watch our video submission. Then to vote, visit www.petcofoundation.org/holiday-wishes-peoples-choice/ so we can win the People's Choice Competition & win Front Street Animal Shelter - City of Sacramento that MONEY!

Chuck is my motivation for “Megan’s S.P.I.N. Of The Week”, my podcast “What The Chuck With Megan Rage” and my love for shelter animals. If I could have one thing this Christmas, it would be to help Front Street win this grant money so they can continue to do what they do best- unite pets with loving homes.

Voting is open everyday until the 16th, don’t worry, I’ll remind you.

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