John Cena Says “His Heart Hurts” For Nikki Bella [VIDEO]

John Cena is like that guy who breaks up with you and then acts like he never wanted to break up with you in the first place making it harder to get through the breakup. Like…did you actually want this or are we getting back together? I have seen them break up and get back together so many times when I still watched “Total Divas” on the E! Network but my plate of shows got too full and I had to drop a few, that being one.

Now its a little over a week before the day they were supposed to get married and they’ve announced their split and it seems like John is ready to talk. He was doing red carpet to promote an upcoming movie and he had a lot of nice things to say about Nikki. Watch the clip from TMZHERE.

He never wanted to get re married or have kids and that seems to be their demise. You can’t change a man, HOW MANY TIMES DO US WOMEN HAVE TO LEARN THAT THE HARD WAY?

If you missed their statement from last week…

We love you all ❤️

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