The New Sacramento Meal Prep Service That Keeps You Healthy And Supports A Great Cause [PICS]

Meal prep services are perfect for so many different types of people. Maybe you trying to lose some pounds, get healthier, maybe you’re a terrible cook and just can’t cook anything worth eating so you end up eating bad because that’s just easier (that is totally me).

Whatever your reason is, there’s no shortage of meal suppliers around, we’ve all seen them advertised locally and online. Here’s what grabbed my attention and made me want to try GrubBoxx.

Vinnie Miroth who does all the recipes, meal prep and cooking, lost his mom two years ago to Lupus. He made a promise to himself to turn that negative into a positive and give back in honor of her. This meal prep service isn’t just health conscious, it’s also to support women’s diseases specifically Lupus. Did you know that 90% of people with Lupus are women? When I say he has some big dreams as far as where he’s going to take this business, I mean it so you should get on board now and watch his cause grow.

Now let’s talk about the food. Each meal is under 500 calories. He gives a new menu every week that lists all the meals offered along with the calories, carbs, fats and proteins. Let me give you an example of this last weeks menu, straight from the @GrubBoxx Instagram page….

Brett and I both tried the “Smoke House Baked Chicken” first. Brett initially said “this isn’t going to be enough food” but he later ate his words. The combination of food along with the portion size couldn’t have been more perfect. The creamed cauliflower and chicken mixed with the greens hit all my taste buds. Later in the evening Brett and I actually fought over who got to try the “Tex-Mex Chicken Chili” and “Mongolian Ground Turkey”. We ended up going halfsies on it and let me tell you, they were both PACKED with flavor. Still, sitting here on my couch a good 12 hours later I can’t decide which one I liked more….and I don’t even like chili typically. Here’s another thing I love about this service, you pick what meals you want. In this household, Brett doesn’t eat fish and I love it. I’ve been deprived of fish for months but now I can work it back into my diet because I can pick my meals, and Brett can pick his.

Let me break it down for you on how this operation actually works. The menu’s come out on Tuesdays (new menu every week), you text your orders in by Thursday and then you pick you meals up between certain windows on Sundays and Monday. The meals are $8 a piece and you have to order a minimum of 10. Ask yourself this questions….how much do you spend per week at the grocery store? How much of that doesn’t get used and goes to waste because you have the high ambition of eating good but then you’re too lazy or there’s not enough time to make it happen?

Insert GrubBoxx. I mean just take a look at next week’s menu…

Great meals, great cause, GrubBoxx. Hi, I should write jingles like Uncle Joey and Jesse in “Full House” because that’s moneyyyyyy. All jokes aside you want to be a part of this journey, you want to eat this product. Here’s how you can get connected to check them out….

GrubBoxx Instagram 

GrubBoxx Facebook


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