There’s Already A Spoiler From ‘The Bachelorette’ And It Happened In Manteca, CA [PIC]

I don’t mind spoilers like this because they’re small, but if you hate them be warned that they are absolutely ahead.

I’m excited for Becca Kufrin to find love after that embarrassment she went to with dickhead Ari last season. She deserves it. I don’t know how exciting she will be all season because let’s be honest she’s a little on the boring side butttttttt I’m still excited to watch.

(Please I know she’s Bachelor Nation’s sweetheart at the moment, don’t come after me for that boring comment, you know it’s true.)

Looks like hometowns are already happening on set– Becca and a suitor named Garrett Yrigoyen are right here in our backyard. Good ol Manteca, CA. If you want to creep his instagram, just search his name but be warned, it’s private.

The two strolled through downtown, went to the history museum and met the mayor. TMZ has some photos of them and the banner that hung for them in the local transit station. ABC hasn’t officially announced the contestants for this season but when they do, it’s safe to say you can put some money on Garrett to at least make it almost to the end.

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